Tobias Ryser - photographer

The pictures on this website were taken by nature photographer Tobias Ryser. With his pictures of nature, Tobias would like to document the fascinating beauty of our Swiss natural landscapes. As an enthusiastic alpinist, he loves to be in the local mountains, to defy wind and weather and to experience breathtaking lighting moods. He is passionate about spending the night under the stars in the middle of the wild mountains. As a photographer, he can interpret a scene in his own way and give the picture a personal, individual touch. Sometimes classic, sometimes playful and surprising. There are no limits for your creativity! As a trained landscape architect and former ranger of a national floodplain area, he brings with him a great deal of know-how in the fields of nature and landscape, which he carefully incorporates into his photography courses as a workshop leader. It attaches great importance to an intense and unforgettable photo adventure with great experience value.

Martin Mägli - photographer

Even in his childhood, Martin was fascinated by images of nature and could look at and marvel at them for hours. From then on he devoted more and more time to photography and acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience through self-study. In addition to his work as a teacher, he worked for many years as a semi-professional photographer. In 2014, Martin started his own business as a professional photographer. But photography is not just his job, it is his great passion. So he is always looking for the very special lighting moods, perspectives and moments in order to creatively capture them with his camera. As a nature and landscape photographer, he has already published numerous reports in well-known magazines and hundreds of photos appear in calendars, books and brochures every year. He was able to realize a major project in 2006 with his first panorama multivision. There are now several productions. In addition, he is repeatedly awarded at various national and international photo competitions. For several years he has also been passing on his knowledge to photography courses and private workshops.